Solar Panel 100

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The SP100 is a 100watt solar panel specifically designed as a charging partner to the Explorer 500 power generator. Rugged, portable and foldable. It is light and easily transportable when you need a sustainable power source for extended periods of time due to emergency or disaster situations.


Peak Power 12 Watts
Power Voltage 32.4 Volts
Power Current 3.15A
Open Circuit Voltage 38.3 Volts
Short Circuit Current 3.4A
Operating Temperature Range -40 to 70°C
Weight 8.6lbs
USB Output 5 Volts, 2.4A
USB-C Output 5 Volts, 3A
What type of devices can be charged by the SP100?

Only the Explorer 500 can be charged with the SP100 since it is specifically designed as its charging partner. Do not charge the E500 with any other solar panels as it may damage the unit.

How long does it take to fully charge the Explorer 500 using the SP100?

It takes approximately 7 hours under a full sun to charge an Explorer 500.

Is the SP100 waterproof?

The solar panels are not waterproof and it is important to keep the solar panels dry at all times to maximize the lifespan of the module.

How do I clean the solar panel?

Dust and dirt may accumulate on the surface of the solar panel through regular use. Use a damp cloth to wipe the surface of the solar module clean. Any tape or other adhesives on the surface of the solar panel should be removed immediately since this will reduce the performance of the solar module.

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